North Tonawanda Recreation Softball


PARTNER'S PIRATES220041644.000
DWYER'S THUNDER220042492.667
KLIMEK'S 2ND EDITION2110219171.118
HIDEAWAY O'FERS2110214230.609
CANAL CLUB 6210100070.000
DWYER'S BIG DINGERS202008180.444

Fri, 5/11Canal Club 62vs.Partner's Pirates7-0Felton
Fri, 5/11Klimek's 2nd Editionvs.Hideaway O'Fers9-8Martinsville
Fri, 5/11Dwyer's Big Dingersvs.Dwyer's Thunder9-4Felton
BYE: Fairways Nanooks
Fri, 5/18Partner's Piratesvs.Dwyer's Big Dingers9-4Felton
Fri, 5/18Hideaway O'Fersvs.Dwyer's Thunder15-5Felton
Fri, 5/18Fairways Nanooksvs.Klimek's 2nd Edition11-8Martinsville
BYE: Canal Club 62
Fri, 5/25Dwyer's Big Dingersvs.Hideaway O'Fers6:05 PMFelton
Fri, 5/25Klimek's 2nd Editionvs.Partner's Pirates6:05 PMMartinsville
Fri, 5/25Fairways Nanooksvs.Canal Club 627:20 PMFelton
BYE: Dwyer's Thunder
Fri, 6/1Canal Club 62vs.Hideaway O'Fers6:05 PMFelton
Fri, 6/1Fairways Nanooksvs.Partner's Pirates7:20 PMFelton
Fri, 6/1Dwyer's Thundervs.Klimek's 2nd Edition7:20 PMMartinsville
BYE: Dwyer's Big Dingers
Fri, 6/8Hideaway O'Fersvs.Klimek's 2nd Edition6:05 PMFelton
Fri, 6/8Partner's Piratesvs.Canal Club 626:05 PMMartinsville
Fri, 6/8Dwyer's Thundervs.Dwyer's Big Dingers7:20 PMFelton
BYE: Fairways Nanooks
Fri, 6/15Dwyer's Thundervs.Canal Club 626:05 PMFelton
Fri, 6/15Partner's Piratesvs.Klimek's 2nd Edition6:05 PMMartinsville
Fri, 6/15Fairways Nanooksvs.Canal Club 627:20 PMFelton
Fri, 6/15Hideaway O'Fersvs.Dwyer's Big Dingers7:20 PMMartinsville
Fri, 6/22Dwyer's Big Dingersvs.Partner's Pirates6:05 PMFelton
Fri, 6/22Dwyer's Thundervs.Canal Club 626:05 PMMartinsville
Fri, 6/22Fairways Nanooksvs.Klimek's 2nd Edition7:20 PMFelton
Fri, 6/22Dwyer's Thundervs.Hideaway O'Fers7:20 PMMartinsville
Fri, 6/29Klimek's 2nd Editionvs.Canal Club 626:05 PMFelton
Fri, 6/29Hideaway O'Fersvs.Fairways Nanooks6:05 PMMartinsville
Fri, 6/29Dwyer's Thundervs.Partner's Pirates7:20 PMFelton
Fri, 6/29Dwyer's Big Dingersvs.Fairways Nanooks7:20 PMMartinsville
Fri, 7/13Dwyer's Big Dingersvs.Klimek's 2nd Edition6:05 PMFelton
Fri, 7/13Hideaway O'Fersvs.Partner's Pirates6:05 PMMartinsville
Fri, 7/13Dwyer's Big Dingersvs.Canal Club 627:20 PMFelton
Fri, 7/13Dwyer's Thundervs.Fairways Nanooks7:20 PMMartinsville
Fri, 7/20Fairways Nanooksvs.Dwyer's Big Dingers6:05 PMFelton
Fri, 7/20Canal Club 62vs.Klimek's 2nd Edition6:05 PMMartinsville
Fri, 7/20Fairways Nanooksvs.Hideaway O'Fers7:20 PMFelton
Fri, 7/20Dwyer's Thundervs.Partner's Pirates7:20 PMMartinsville


* Winning team is responsible for reporting the final score by MIDNIGHT the day of the game

* There are 4 ways to report final score (be sure to include team names & final score):

1. Call 695-8520 ext. 5511 & leave message

2. Text 471-7626

3. Tweet @ntrecreation

4. Email [email protected]

* Follow us on Twitter @ntrecreation


* Any roster addition must sign and turn in a liability form before they can play*


* Last day to amend rosters is Friday July 1, 2016

* For game updates, please call the Sports Hotline at 695-8520 Push 1

* Standings are based on points (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie). If two teams have the same point total, the tiebreaker is their head-to-head result then scoring ratio*

* A reminder to all teams that use of any illegal bat found on the ASA Non-approved bat list will result in immediate forfeit of the game. A repeat offense will result in dismmisal from our league.