North Tonawanda Recreation Softball


1VILLAGE INN LAKERS1091018126413.073
2PARTNER'S ANIMAL HOUSE1073014120512.353
3VILLAGE INN BANGERS1073014157762.066
4NEW WITTER'S106401299931.065
5JACKS GRILL & BANQUETS106401289841.060
6DWYER'S DEUCE106401293980.949
8BAD NEWS BEHRS105501082870.943
9KLIMEK'S PUNKS104608901090.826
12THE FISH PLACE101902481080.444
2018 Regular Season Schedule
Thur, 5/10Witter'svs.Partner's Animal House16-2Felton
Thur, 5/10Dwyer's Deucevs.The Fish Place9-2Martinsville
Thur, 5/10Jack's Grill & Banquetsvs.Village Inn Lakers4-3Stenzil
Thur, 5/10Dwyer'svs.New Witter's19-4Felton
Thur, 5/10Village Inn Bangersvs.The Fish Place19-6Martinsville
Thur, 5/10Bad News Behrsvs.Klimek's Punks16-11Stenzil
BYE: Mooney's
Thur, 5/17Witter'svs.New Witter's11-9Felton
Thur, 5/17Village Inn Bangersvs.Mooney's30-8Martinsville
Thur, 5/17Partner's Animal Housevs.Jack's Grill & Banquets8-5Stenzil
Thur, 5/17Bad News Behrsvs.Dwyer's15-9Felton
Thur, 5/17Klimek's Punksvs.Mooney's6-2Martinsville
Thur, 5/17Village Inn Lakersvs.Dwyer's Deuce14-3Stenzil
BYE: The Fish Place
Thur, 5/24Jack's Grill & Banquetsvs.Bad News Behrs5-3Felton
Thur, 5/24Dwyer's Deucevs.Partner's Animal House5-3Martinsville
Thur, 5/24Village Inn Bangersvs.Klimek's Punks15-1Stenzil
Thur, 5/24New Witter'svs.Village Inn Lakers14-4Felton
Thur, 5/24Mooney'svs.Witter's6-2Martinsville
Thur, 5/24The Fish Placevs.Dwyer's6-5Stenzil
Thur, 5/31Dwyer'svs.Witter's5-2Felton
Thur, 5/31Village Inn Lakersvs.Village Inn Bangers16-9Martinsville
Thur, 5/31Dwyer's Deucevs.Bad News Behrs11-10Stenzil
Thur, 5/31New Witter'svs.Mooney's16-14Felton
Thur, 5/31Klimek's Punksvs.Jack's Grill & Banquets13-5Martinsville
Thur, 5/31Partner's Animal Housevs.The Fish Place8-2Stenzil
Thur, 6/7Partner's Animal Housevs.Bad News Behrs5-2Felton
Thur, 6/7Village Inn Lakersvs.Mooney's25-1Martinsville
Thur, 6/7New Witter'svs.Dwyer's Deuce13-4Stenzil
Thur, 6/7Witter'svs.Village Inn Bangers17-9Felton
Thur, 6/7The Fish Placevs.Jack's Grill & Banquets12-3Martinsville
Thur, 6/7Klimek's Punksvs.Dwyer's10-7Stenzil
Thur, 6/14Dwyer'svs.Dwyer's Deuce13-6Felton
Thur, 6/14Bad News Behrsvs.New Witter's9-8Martinsville
Thur, 6/14Village Inn Bangersvs.Jack's Grills & Banquets24-1Stenzil
Thur, 6/14Klimek's Punksvs.Witter's14-10Felton
Thur, 6/14Village Inn Lakersvs.The Fish Place22-5Martinsville
Thur, 6/14Mooney'svs.Partner's Animal House18-3Stenzil
Thurs, 6/21Mooney'svs.The Fish Place5-3Felton
Thurs, 6/21Jack's Grills & Banquetsvs.Dwyer's Deuce18-4Martinsville
Thurs, 6/21Witter'svs.Village Inn Lakers6-5Stenzil
Thurs, 6/21Village Inn Bangersvs.Bad News Behrs12-5Felton
Thurs, 6/21Partner's Animal Housevs.Dwyer's18-2Martinsville
Thurs, 6/21Klimek's Punksvs.New Witter's16-10Stenzil
Thur, 6/28Mooney'svs.Bad News Behrs13-5Felton
Thur, 6/28The Fish Placevs.New Witter's9-3Martinsville
Thur, 6/28Partner's Animal Housevs.Village Inn Bangers17-9Stenzil
Thur, 6/28Klimek's Punksvs.Village Inn Lakers5-4Felton
Thur, 6/28Dwyer's Deucevs.Witter's19-3Martinsville
Thur, 6/28Jack's Grills & Banquetsvs.Dwyer's10-9Stenzil
Thur, 7/12Dwyer'svs.Village Inn Bangers17-2Felton
Thur, 7/12Bad News Behrsvs.The Fish Place10-8Martinsville
Thur, 7/12Jack's Grills & Banquetsvs.Mooney's17-9Stenzil
Thur, 7/12Dwyer's Deucevs.Klimek's Punks10-9Felton
Thur, 7/12The Fish Placevs.Witter's10-9Martinsville
Thur, 7/12Partner's Animal Housevs.New Witter's8-5Stenzil
BYE: Village Inn Lakers
Thur, 7/19Village Inn Lakersvs.Bad News Behrs12-0Felton
Thur, 7/19Village Inn Bangersvs.New Witter's10-6Martinsville
Thur, 7/19Mooney'svs.Dwyer's Deuce23-12Stenzil
Thur, 7/19Village Inn Lakersvs.Dwyer's15-0Felton
Thur, 7/19Klimek's Punksvs.Partner's Animal House25-10Martinsville
Thur, 7/19Witter'svs.Jack's Grill & Banquets11-9Stenzil
BYE: The Fish Place


Thur, 7/26#6 Dwyer's Deucevs.#11 Mooney's13-11StenzilA
Thur, 7/26#8 Bad News
vs.#9 Klimek's Punks13-10MartinsvilleB
Thur, 7/26#7 Witter'svs.#10 Dwyer's10-9FeltonC
Thur, 7/26#5 Jack's Grill & Banquetsvs.#12 The Fish
Thur, 7/26#1 Village Inn
vs.#8 Bad News
Thur, 7/26#2 Partner's
Animal House
vs.#7 Witter's15-6FeltonF
Thur, 8/2#3 Village Inn
vs.#11 Mooney's6:05 PMMartinsvilleG
Thur, 8/2#4 New Witter'svs.#5 Jack's
Grill & Banquets
Thur, 8/2#2 Partner's
Animal House
vs.#3 Village Inn Bangers6-4MartinsvilleI
Thur, 8/2#1 Village Inn
vs.#4 New Witter's11-1FeltonJ
Thur, 8/9#2 Partner's Animal Housevs.#1 Village Inn Lakers11-9MartinsvilleK


* Winning team is responsible for reporting the final score by MIDNIGHT the day of the game

* There are 4 ways to report final score (be sure to include team names & final score):

1. Call 695-8520 ext. 5511 & leave message

2. Text 471-7626

3. Tweet @ntrecreation

4. Email [email protected]

* Follow us on Twitter @ntrecreation


* Any roster addition must sign and turn in a liability form before they can play*


* Last day to amend rosters is Friday July 13, 2018; ANY ROSTER CHANGES AFTER THAT DATE MUST BE MADE WITH A $10 FEE

* For game updates, please call the Sports Hotline at 695-8520 Push 1

* Standings are based on points (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie). If two teams have the same point total, the tiebreaker is their head-to-head result then scoring ratio*

* A reminder to all teams that use of any illegal bat found on the ASA Non-approved bat list will result in immediate forfeit of the game. A repeat offense will result in dismmisal from our league.