North Tonawanda Recreation Softball


1NIT WITTS10100020137235.957
2PARTNER'S KNEE SOX1082016116452.578
3AL'S GALS1073014122582.103
4KLIMEK'S KNOCKOUTS10460879791.000
5HIDEAWAY LO'FERS10460832900.356
63RD WARD BABCIAS101902411460.281
7GIRLS GONE DWYER'S101902211020.206

Mon, 5/143rd Ward Babciasvs.Partner's Knee Sox7-0Gilmore
Mon, 5/14Al's Galsvs.Nit Witts9-3Galassi
Mon, 5/14Hideaway LO'fersvs.Klimek's Knockouts3-2Gilmore
Mon, 5/14Girls Gone Dwyersvs.Nit Witts17-1Galassi
Mon, 5/21Al's Galsvs.3rd Ward Babcias18-0Gilmore
Mon, 5/21Girls Gone Dwyersvs.Hideaway LO'fers5-0Galassi
Mon, 5/21Partner's Knee Soxvs.Nit Witts5-4Gilmore
Mon, 5/21Klimek's Knockoutsvs.Girls Gone Dwyers9-7Galassi
Wed, 5/30Hideaway LO'fersvs.3rd Ward Babcias13-3Gilmore
Wed, 5/30Klimek's Knockoutsvs. Partner's Knee Sox14-0Gilmore
Mon, 6/4Al's Galsvs.Hideaway LO'fers9-3Gilmore
Mon, 6/4Partner's Knee Soxvs.Girls Gone Dwyers15-2Galassi
Mon, 6/4Al's Galsvs.Nit Witts12-3Gilmore
Mon, 6/4Klimek's Knockoutsvs.3rd Ward Babcias17-5Galassi
Mon, 6/11Girls Gone Dwyersvs.Klimek's Knockouts15-0Gilmore
Mon, 6/11Nit Wittsvs.Partner's Knee Sox20-3Galassi
Mon, 6/11Girls Gone Dwyersvs.Hideaway LO'fers4-2Gilmore
Mon, 6/113rd Ward Babciasvs.Al's Gals26-9Galassi
Mon, 6/18Klimek's Knockoutsvs.Al's GalsRAINED OUTGilmore
Mon, 6/18Nit Wittsvs.3rd Ward BabciasRAINED OUTGALASSI
Mon, 6/18Girls Gone Dwyersvs.Al's GalsRAINED OUTGILMORE
Mon, 6/18Partner's Knee Soxvs.Hideaway LO'fersRAINED OUTGALASSI
Mon, 6/25Girls Gone Dwyersvs.Partner's Knee Sox13-1GILMORE
Mon, 6/253rd Ward Babciasvs.Klimek's Knockouts11-8GALASSI
Mon, 6/25Hideaway LO'fersvs.Al's Gals9-0Gilmore
Mon, 6/25Klimek's Knockoutsvs.Nit Witts16-1GALASSI
Mon, 7/2Nit Wittsvs.3rd Ward Babcias16-6Galassi
Mon, 7/2Partner's Knee Soxvs.Hideaway LO'fers27-5Galassi
Mon, 7/9Partner's Knee Soxvs.3rd Ward Babcias15-2Gilmore
Mon, 7/9Klimek's Knockoutsvs.Hideaway LO'fers13-6Stenzil
Mon, 7/9Nit Wittsvs.Girls Gone Dwyers7-0Gilmore
Mon, 7/9Klimek's Knockoutsvs.Al's Gals19-6Stenzil
Mon, 7/16Nit Wittsvs.Hideaway LO'fers17-2Gilmore
Mon, 7/16Al's Galsvs.Partner's Knee Sox10-9Stenzil
Mon, 7/163rd Ward Babciasvs.Girls Gone Dwyers8-5Gilmore
BYE: Klimek's Knockouts
Mon, 7/303rd Ward Babciasvs.Nit Witts18-0Gilmore
Mon, 7/30Girls Gone Dwyersvs.Al's Gals11-1Stenzil
Mon, 7/30Hideaway LO'fersvs.Partner's Knee Sox8-1Gilmore
Mon, 7/30Al's Galsvs.Klimek's Knockouts15-8Stenzil

Mon, 8/6#7 Girls Gone Dwyer'svs.#6 3rd Ward Babcias6:05 PMGilmoreA
Mon, 8/6#5 Hideaway LO'fersvs.#4 Klimek's Knockouts6-2GalassiB
Mon, 8/6#3 Al's Galsvs.#7 Girls Gone Dwyer's7-1GilmoreC
Mon, 8/13#1 Nit Wittsvs.#5 Hideaway LO'fers15-0GilmoreD
Mon, 8/13#2 Partner's Knee Soxvs.#3 Al's Gals12-2GilmoreE
Mon, 8/20#1 Nit Wittsvs. #2 Partner's Knee Sox9-3GilmoreF



* Winning team is responsible for reporting the final score by MIDNIGHT the day of the game

* There are 4 ways to report final score (be sure to include team names & final score):

1. Call 695-8520 ext. 5511 & leave message

2. Text 471-7626

3. Tweet @ntrecreation

4. Email [email protected]

* Follow us on Twitter @ntrecreation


* Any roster addition must sign and turn in a liability form before they can play*


* Last day to amend rosters is Friday July 1, 2016

* For game updates, please call the Sports Hotline at 695-8520 Push 1

* Standings are based on points (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie). If two teams have the same point total, the tiebreaker is their head-to-head result then scoring ratio*

* A reminder to all teams that use of any illegal bat found on the ASA Non-approved bat list will result in immediate forfeit of the game. A repeat offense will result in dismmisal from our league.